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"Norman Panto's engaging personality and lively accordion playing has entertained audiences at galas, festivals, cruises and events large and small. He stirs up a crowd with different styles of music including Italian, French, and German often encouraging his audience to sing along.

He performs solo using up to five accordions, in trio, or with a six piece band."



"Panto is an accordion player, but more than that, he's what other accordion players call a 'stroller'. What's so different about strapping it to your chest and walking around as you play is that it weighs 28 pounds and then add to that chatting with festival goers as well as playing and singing their requests.

Amazingly, it's not even the physical mechanics of strolling that truly make Panto a find. It's his personalty."

Excerpt from "Norm Panto - Accordion Extraordinaire"
by Carolyn LaRocca


Articles and Letters:    

Thousand Oaks Accordionist Spreads Joy Through His Music
Excerpts from Article that first appeared November 4, 2004

Many have seen Norman Panto perform and his popularity throughout the Southland has grown tremendously. Even though Panto's heritage is Italian he knows over 1,000 Italian, German, Irish, French and other songs that he plays on his many accordions. He loves wandering through crowds and playing his happy music.

Locally, Panto has played everything from festivals to Octoberfests, wedding ceremonies to grand openings. He recently played his accordion for actors Ray Liotta, Paul Sorvino, Henry Hill and many other notables during a dinner at Matteo's restaurant in Los Angeles at an event hosted by Warner Home Video to promote the release of "Goodfellas" special-edition DVD.

"I drove up in my Cadillac and pulled my accordion case out of the trunk. I told everyone I had money in there." Panto kidded. He wore a Mafia don hat for the occasion which helped to confirm his image as a mafiosa. Norm has a hat for every event including a yacht hat, a sombrero, a French beret and an Irishman's cap. There's even a special tie he coordinates with each hat.

by Michael Picarella
Thousand Oaks Acorn

Like Father, Like Son

Norman Panto is a west coast rarity. Words like rare, uncommon, unique and original come up all the time. They are perfect descriptions for this smiling bundle of energy.

It is said that "the apple doesn't fall from the tree that it grew on". That is also true of Norman Panto's son, Frank.

Frank used his musical talents and professional past experience in audio and helped his dad create their first CD title, "Sounds of Italy".

The CD includes "The Tarantella Napolitana", "That's Amore", "Reginella Campagnola" and "Chella La" to name a few.

Hello Norm,

Your CD echoes a tasteful presentation of your music. But as is true in many cases, it does not match hearing and seeing you live.

At Liliana and Richard's anniversary, I was fascinated by how you totally master your intricate arrangements on the accordion while you stroll from table to table. That is rare and hard to do but visibly not for you. With your catchy music comes your delightful humor and great rapport with your audience.
Your trio brought a right mix of melodies and rhythms inviting others to dance and sing along. It was the first time I saw your son Frank as a percussionist. He was right there with a clear steady beat.

Thank you for your music. Best wishes to you and your family.

- Heinz Trilck
January 10, 2007

Quotes and More:    

"I want to make people happy. I think that's why I was put on earth. God made me a musician . I'm no good keeping my music to myself, so I'm sharing my talent."

- Norm Panto
as told to Michael Picarello, Thousand Oaks Acorn


Wedding Bells - Fox TV
Norm Panto was featured in the new Fox Series. He appeared in two episodes:
'Wedding From Hell' which aired on March 2nd
'The Fantasy' which aired on March 30th

"I'm like a kid in a candy store."

- Norm Panto
as told to Lucia Palazzo, L'Atalo, an Italian-American Newspaper


Accordion Violin (mandolin) Duo
This fantastic Norm & Tony Duo have been seen and heard at private parties, hotels, corporate and variety events. They have been seen on TV and movies playing all over Southern California for the past 50 years.