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Norm Panto is a West Coast rarity. In fact, as you learn more about Panto and speak with people who know him well, words like "rare", "uncommon", "unique", "original", come up all the time. They are prefect descriptions for this smiling bundle of energy and enthusiasm.

A native of Syracuse, New York, Norman has been playing the accordion for 64 years. Oddly, this fun-loving, gregarious man began his love of the accordion in silence. He was born with a speech impairment and remembering as a very small child sitting quietly, fascinated while watching his father's fingers fly over the accordion buttons.

By age 5, Norman had over come his speech difficulties. At the age of 12 Norman was taught to play the accordion by his brother Tommy Panto who was a professional jazz accordionist. Norman admired and looked up to his brother Tommy. By age 16, Norm turned lessons from his brother into enough accordion virtuosity to join a band and become a professional musician. In 1954, he moved to Los Angeles to further his music career.

Panto's career is varied and wide-ranging. He traveled on a European tour with Vic Damone and played and sang for six months on the Princess Cruise line. Norman has taken on various acting and singing roles in television and film. A published songwriter, Panto's music has been heard in movies and television for decades.

Constantly in demand, Norman Panto is the picture of a man whose work singing, writing songs, making people smile and sing along - simply can't be called work. He loves it too much.

His sunny enthusiastic and energetic personality can't help but bring out the best in people by bringing sunshine into their lives. It's hard not to break out into a big smile when you are around Norm playing his accordion. Is it any wonder why he is in such demand.